broken heart

My heart aches so much when I hear about you…

Self destruction.

What are you doing!?

If I would’ve stayed,

Would you be on this road again!?

I know that you have to be hurting deep down inside.

I am.

I’m happy because I am learning to truly love myself.

God has saved me because I believed.

All I every wanted was to be together as one.

To make it through this life as a family.

I feel awful because I couldn’t save you.

It kills my heart.

This is when I get mad at God…

Why!? Why are you allowing this to happen!?

The tears are endless…

This was the year I turned 40 and the first time I didn’t hear from you.

You were my soul, my everything.

“I just want you to love me!”

I did.

I loved you more than words could ever explain.

Through all of the good and horrible times…

I stayed.

Through my sickness, I felt like a burden.

I think you were beginning to hate me.

My heart and thoughts were changing…

I began to nag and become bitter.

I was tired of picking up the pieces over and over!

You left me once, a long time ago…

I guess it was my turn to leave this time.

The past should be the past,

But it’ll never completely go away.

I only wish the best for you

And hope you’ll one day want the same.

I still believe in you.

I hate the toxic people in your life.

I wish they cared enough,

To wake you up from this destructive behavior and addiction.

They are no better.

I pray for you…


I’m so very sorry.

A piece of my heart will forever stay broken.

My love for you will always remain unchanged.




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