thoughts on my journals

It’s late and I should be sleeping, but reading back in my some of my journals is quite painful. I hear a girl who just wanted true love. Always searching and falling fast. I had a lot of insecurities for many years. My thoughts were full of sadness, hurt, anger and resentment. I battled with depression and abusive relationships, more than I care to admit. Some of the memories I have blocked out and reading these are stirring up a lot of emotions. I am strong enough now and ready to keep sharing. I only hope to be an example to women and girls who battle insecurities, rejection and abusive relationships, to show them that there is hope to not be so broken. God’s love is always here if they believe and trust in Him. He will give you the strength to see the beauty within yourself and know that you deserve respect and honest love. My prayers are with you tonight around the world. -trw

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