run away girl

Ohhh. Such deep sadness!

I want to cry a thousand rivers.

It hurts.

I try to find the positive that surrounds me,

pushing those tears away…

find a smile from within.

Was I attracted to goodbyes?

Did I attach myself to a potential love

that I knew was destructive and temporary,

just to keep from truly falling in love?

To save myself from getting rejected down the road?

I don’t know what I would do if someone fought to stay.


Looking back, I was the one who always left.

Run away girl… I did that best.

It was the abuse.

Mentally, emotionally, physically…

I couldn’t stay.

It was the ones that made me completely vulnerable

that ended up leaving first,

leaving me hurt.

It was less painful to settle to keep from really falling.

One foot in, one foot out was my safety.

Run away girl.

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