People from all over the world have very different definitions of cheating, but once you’ve been cheated on it’s very hard to trust again.  You try so hard to, but your eyes are opened up more to lots of little things and behaviors of the opposite sex.  Sometimes it’s difficult to just live your life with your guard down and not worry until something concrete comes up.  Then again, by worrying you can drive yourself nuts! Maybe this is why girls AND guys act CRAZY at times. People that have been hurt in relationships often wonder at some point, “can I really trust this person?”.  You think you know somebody…

Do you think some people cheat to protect themselves?  I was having a conversation with a friend and she said,  “When someone gives their heart and soul to the one they love and find out they’ve been cheated on, they will then put up a wall and become the cheater so they don’t get hurt again. There is an underlying REASON that someone cheats… unhappiness, needs aren’t being met, no communication, they don’t “hear” you, disrespected, you’re pushed to the wayside… the list goes on.” Cheating because you were just drunk, is NOT an excuse. The end result is you’re just not happy. People who aren’t happy in their relationship have different ways of dealing with pain and not cheat. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, distance themselves, become workaholics, and find other outlets.

I’ve learned a lot about relationships in my years and I’m in a different place than where I was years ago.  I continue to see that there is A LOT of people that aren’t happy in their relationship. So many people cheat these days and it truly breaks my heart. There’s even a “dating” website now for only married people so they can cheat. I don’t get it. People are just settling and slowly becoming unhappy and then they cheat.  How would you feel if you found out you were being cheated on?? It’s devastating. You feel rejected. Not good enough. Your self esteem is shot at this point and you don’t want to trust anyone ever again and how could you?

I used to know someone that would go behind his girlfriend’s back and was actively on dating websites, talking to girls and even met up with them.  He thought nothing was wrong with that because he would say, “it’s none of her business.”


2 thoughts on “cheating

  1. I’m not sure what really goes on in the head of a cheater. I’ll never understand how you could make a commitment to someone to then turn around and do that. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, just end it and move on and do what you want. A friend of mine went through this after 20+ years to have it end in him cheating. It’s so sad. Two families were broken up by this since the woman he was cheating with was cheating on HER spouse. And kids are involved, so what does that teach them? Ugh. It’s just wrong on so many levels.


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