learning to let go

People are there for a reason at specific times in our lives. Haiti truly changed my heart and so did my divorce. My heart changed again recently when I lost my Gram. She was the most incredible woman and role model. Her death brought light upon me to show me who is really there for me in my life. God continues to open up my eyes. Sometimes the truth hurts. People that truly value me as a person, know that I am not perfect and know deep within their hearts that I only want the best for others. Those people will continue to be there for me. I am at peace with letting go of some close friends, who weren’t there for me when I needed them the most. Who didn’t understand or accept me for me, for the person I am and who I am becoming.  God is working on me daily and everything has been meant to be.  I will continue to push out the negativity and surround myself with positive influences.  I am growing in my own skin and enjoying the journey that I am on. One day at a time. -trw

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