I have been in many bad relationships in my life, mostly in my 20’s-30’s, which included mental, verbal/emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I have had friends who had it worse, a lot worse. In 2015, a friend’s sister had her precious life taken away by her much older boyfriend. In 2000, I saw a woman’s face beaten so badly sitting across the table from me, while I filled out my own police report, in a police department. You couldn’t even recognize her, and she was considered “lucky”. I was considered lucky that day as well. God protected my life and saved me there. Another tragedy was when I was in fourth grade… a friend’s mom and older sister we’re found murdered in their own home by the sister’s ex boyfriend. Shocking, heartbreaking and it left my friend and his baby sister orphaned. There’s definitely not enough protection for women and kids across the country. It’s gut wrenching, disgusting, sad and my heart breaks for anyone in these situations. It’s real and scary.  A majority of our population are very uneducated with domestic violence and forms of abuse. Our “system” does not take it serious enough! It’s a joke, really. We need light to shine into this darkness. People need to be educated on what abuse is. It angers me to my core when I hear people say, “well, she should just leave.” It is not always that easy. Especially when the abuser is threatening to kill you or your family if you do leave. Manipulation can have such a hold on you. Abuse, all forms, is a vicious cycle. There needs to be more protection for the victims and tougher consequences for the abuser in our state of Michigan and all across the country. -trw

cycle of Domestic Violence

october is domestic violence awareness month

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