healing is a long process

It takes a long time to heal from a broken heart. You often think that the pain will never go away. Will it? It does get easier. You think that you are okay most days as time goes on, but then something triggers it. It could be anything. That hurt and rejection that someone didn’t love you enough to at least try to make it work. To have your back and fight for you. It’s awful. It’s gut wrenching. It makes you feel insecure. It makes you feel not good enough for yourself or for anyone else for that matter. What do you do? Try to remain positive that it wasn’t meant to be. That God has a better plan. That you deserve more. That you need to be YOU and make yourself happy before you can fully give your heart away. To know what you want and don’t want before you get into another relationship. To be strong and keep moving on even though you may hurt still some days. There is someone out there for you… and if you never find that person, then it was meant for you to do something great and be the most amazing person you can be! To find your purpose and maybe help other people with there struggles and hurts. No one said it would be easy. Rejection kills you inside. You may walk around with a gorgeous smile on your face, but still be crying on the inside. Know that you are loved… by God, your family, friends and even strangers that you meet in your life’s path. Love yourself, even though you hurt. YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON! Dig deep within yourself, take a day to cry it out, PRAY about it, laugh with some friends, get a hug from a family member, sing loudly, dance crazy or write it out. Whatever it takes to keep moving forward and pushing that pain AWAY. Not pushing it down, but learning from it and continuing to grow.


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