THAT guy

This mostly happens when they are teenagers, but for some, it continues into adult hood. Why?

I’m sure you’ve seen it. That one guy who just can’t be happy for his buddy that is in a relationship. He’s usually cocky, overly confident, loud and obnoxious. You know, THAT guy. He can’t wrap his head around why his friend is actually happy with his wife/girlfriend. He is so insecure deep down that he wants his friend to be just as miserable as he is. I get it somewhat. He misses his bestie. The person that used to frolic to the trashy bars with to watch him pick up drunk girls because that’s the only kind who would ever put up with him. Drunk girls, who think that this kind of a guy is cool and invincible at that moment. This behavior makes him feel more secure. Wanted more. He’s lonely because his friend used to listen and put up with his loud mouth of nonsense when not a lot of people would. He felt important because his friend used to take advice from him, but now his friend is doing that with his chick. Immaturity. It’s never a good thing. This guy always likes to put the wife/girlfriend down in front of or behind her back. Always causing friction and drama. You know, THAT guy who always says he hates drama? Mmmm hmm, yeah that’s right. He gets off on knowing his friend will argue with his chick and knows there will be a chance that he’s going to get to spend more time with his buddy at that point. This guy doesn’t have a lot of true friends and has to continuously try to hang on to those few and far between friendships. He knows his friend is growing up, sees that he wants better things out of life and is tired of being around his negativity and wants to be surrounded by positive people instead. Get the hint! This guy will continuously be jealous of his friend and the healthy relationship he has. What will it take for THAT guy to realize everyone talks about him behind his back and hates to be around him. No one likes rude people or the bad energy that they bring around you or your loved ones. Is there ever a good time to tell THAT guy he truly is an asshole? Maybe it’s just best to save your positive energy and walk away from THAT guy who loves to talk shit about everyone and refuses to take a good look at himself. No one needs a “friend” like that. Know your worth. -trw

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