growing apart

Sometimes you will lose relationships and friendships to continue to grow and that is okay. It may be sad, it may hurt, you may feel disappointed and you may question “why” often. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that God has your back. I’ve learned a lot since my divorce in the last two years. Some of the lessons have been mind blowing and were difficult to wrap my head around. Then there’s been some changes that have been such a blessing and have made me so grateful. My Mom always told me, “always follow your heart, sweetie.” Stay true to yourself and trust what your heart is telling you. It will never lie. God will lead you to the answers you are searching for if you just ask Him. You will thank yourself later in life for doing what makes you happy. It may not always be an easy choice, but it’s what your heart truly desires and needs to be emotionally healthy. Know your worth. -trw

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