are you a jerk or just afraid to get too close?

Most girls, no matter what age, sit and wonder, “What is wrong with me? Why isn’t he calling me if he says he likes me so much? Why isn’t he texting me back when I just saw him like something on Facebook?” “When I flirt back, why is he unresponsive now?”. Well, let me tell you girls something, it’s not you, it’s THEM! They don’t get it. I often wonder how they even walk around with that thing in their pants everyday. Sometimes they are rude even without realizing it. Even after I was married for several years, I STILL don’t get guys and what their deal is. I am understanding them a lot better though. It’s really quit simple and they don’t get it. Some do and they just don’t give a crap and you don’t want to be with those kind of guys anyways. Trust me. So not worth it. If they don’t value your time and feelings, let them go. You’re better off being alone and not having to make yourself crazy and analyze everything. It’s exhausting.

Most guys text/call/email or whatever the communication is these days only when it’s convenient for them, they are bored, they need you to do something for them, they are controlling, psycho or a stalker. When is it ever genuine? I think it’s very RARE, at least in my past experiences anyways.

Come on guys! Is it really that hard to shoot her a text and say, “Hey, how’s your day going?” or just send her a smile emoji for pete’s sake! We all can appreciate space, but every girl wants a guy to respond in a timely fashion or pop in every once in a while to show that they are thinking about them.

When you’re dating exclusively, in a committed relationship or even married, you guys tend to say that we flip out when you didn’t respond the same day. Yes, of course we do! We all know that you’re glued to your phones. Most people are these days, do the research. And we all know that you’re texting your best friend, Jonny, about something stupid, so why can’t you text us back?

When we call you out on it, you dish out so many excuses as to why, but none of them make any sense. Don’t settle ladies! You deserve someone who is present as much as you are in the relationship. Know your worth 😉 -trw

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