friends first

Where is this pain in my heart, lump in my throat, and tear in my eye coming from?

My soul feels empty.

I never knew just how much I could love someone until you were gone and I was missing you.

The first day of class when our professor took roll call, she called my favorite name.

I wasn’t in the right frame of mind nor was I thinking of any future possibilities, as I was full of pain, sadness and stress.

Remembering when I almost didn’t take the class… but stayed true to myself for once and took it anyway.

I’m sure glad I did.

Writing is my passion and in that I found my best friend and a great love.

Although I was distracted by the life I was leaving, a friendship started to form.

It began with hellos, borrowing pens, critiquing each other’s work and walking each other to our cars.

You saw me come in late, often stressed and frasled and still found time to talk to me and always interested in what I had to say.

I began to notice that there was something about you that was so kind, real and intriguing and I looked forward to our chats.

You encouraged me with my writing and always made eye contact with me when my voice shook in front of the class.

By looking into your eyes, I felt a sense of calm and peace.

You let me know that I was strong and brave for sharing my stories.

I remember the night I struggled emotionally…

We walked out to our cars and it was then that I knew you liked me.

A simple hug, yet so needed at the right time.

There is a bond between us that is unexplainable, a force that is magnetic, and an energy that continues even when we’re apart.

You were there to help me find myself again and again.

You came into my life for a reason

and now I know it was meant for much longer than a season.


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