let me be who i am

You always seem to put your blame on me.

Sit there and demolish

The words that come from within.

Tearing my self esteem down,

Only to build yours up.

Judging me for who I am.

Look in the mirror, my friend.

Wanting to be a better person,

Willing to make mistakes by trying, I am.

Blaming others is being a coward.

Although everyone is guilty,

You must want to change.

With every word that comes from my mouth,

Irritation sets within you.

Your reaction of harshness

Saddens my thoughts.

Will I ever be happy?

I don’t know.

Your stress and independence

Seems to be getting in the way.

If you love someone, truly,

Then you must accept

That they are a part of you and your life.

Pushing me away by needing “space”

Is just an excuse…

To not be responsible for love and the relationship.

You may think everything has to be your way…


The world doesn’t revolve around you.

You won’t get very far.

You see the love, commitment and support

That I have in you.

Let me be who I am.

Accept the things I cannot change,

Or forever walk away.


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